Curriculum and Exams


We belong to 4 examining bodies – Royal Academy of Dance, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, International Dance Teachers Association and United Kingdom Alliance. Known in short as R.A.D., I.S.T.D., I.D.T.A., and U.K.A.. These societies are four of the most recognised and highly respected societies internationally.

Subjects taught at the academy: Ballet, Modern, Tap, Point work, Show Work, Street, Theory (Anatomy, Child Development), Pilates, Yoga, Drama and Singing.

We believe there are 3 core subjects in dance – Ballet, Tap and Modern. We encourage all pupils to participate in these classes, take examinations and take the 3 subjects at least once a week.

Pupils and adults are encouraged to take exams in all subjects but it is nt a requirement of the academy, we understand completely that people dance for fun. We also have performance opportunities at the academy.

We also enter pupils for competitions/dance festivals. Pupils wanting to enter the ‘comp’ world will need a weekly private lesson.

Lessons are available in music including – Piano, Guitar, Violin and Drums. Pupils may join a class for these subjects or have private lessons.


We offer examinations in R.A.D. Ballet and I.S.T.D. Modern and Tap in grades and majors up to advanced for pupils attending the academy twice a week (from grade 1 and upwards). Students wishing to follow a career in dance will have every opportunity to follow a course of study which includes al the above subjects.

Further exams are available in the U.K.A. medal test system in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Drama, Theory and Street for our once a week children or children/adults who dance for pleasure.

From Setember 2012 we will be offering the new Diploma in Dance and Performing Arts.

Forthcoming Exams:

  • 28 March – I.S.T.D. Modern and Tap
  • 7 April – Princess Awards, under 5’s new exam
  • June – R.A.D. Ballet