It is the aim of the Academy to provide a training in dance and performing arts that will lead to a life long relationship whether through dance or appreciation, recreational or vocational. By participating in dance children and adults benefit not just physically but mentally, socially and emotionally. Young girl doing ballet
At the Academy we pride ourselves in the professional service that we offer, the training and experience of our teachers and the quality of support given by our staff. The principle Miss Deryl insists her staff are creative, inspiring passionate and meticulous in their work. The ethos of the school and integrity of the training has assured that most of our pupils continue to dance professionally or recreationally through there adult years.

Three things seem to ‘stick’ with children , students and adults alike, of the academy – the friendliness, the genuine caring and the ‘magic’ of Miss Deryl’s Classes and her philosophies. Three teachers in Bolton are ex pupils of Miss Deryl and are now teachers in their own right.

We hope that your association with our Academy is a long and happy one, and that you or your child will go on to enjoy the benefits of dance and performing arts well into there adult and current lives.

Miss Deryl is very proud of the fact that along with her very strong team she has maintained 30 years of a very happy and successful Academy.

Her philosophy is to provide a beautiful, calm, inspiring place that makes children and adults feel welcome, inspired and good about themselves.

We hope through dance and the performing arts to produce children, teenagers, students and often adults who have learned with us integrity, assertiveness, individuality, creativity and have lifted self-esteem and created self-government. We like to teach children to be individual in their creativeness and we give them a wonderful sense of freedom and power to achieve their potential, but with this comes responsibilities. It’s a big thing to give children power, but it works for us and is an invaluable lesson.